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Security Awareness Training
ITG will provide training for your organization that will provide a best practice approach to users that will cover a wide range of secure accepted use practices that covers essential security measures needed to protect your users and infrastructure from a network password vulnerability to a cyber security breach. 

Secure Network Design and Consulting
ITG will provide our customers with a detailed design of their business security layout and infrastructure build that will focus on Network Defense, external perimeter protection, security monitoring and policy development.​

Network Security

Network Security

ITG provides the skill set and experience to address a wide range network security concerns for your business. ITG can provide your business with a comprehensive network security audit that will outline potential vulnerabilities. Our approach is to not only provide your company with an outline of potential security threats but also provide remediation efforts and preventing any addressed security risks. ITG has the computer and network security expertise to help your business.

Penetration Testing
ITG's external and internal scans will evaluate your company’s ability to protect its network infrastructure, applications, endpoints and users from any network security breach. ITG's comprehensive intrusion detection services provide organizations an effective means of anticipate emerging security risks and prevent unauthorized access to critical systems and valuable information

Wireless Audit / Security
With an increasing usage of wireless technologies, ITG's wireless audit and security services combine the use of our intrusion detection services with our network protocol analyzers. The implementation of these tools and a thorough analysis of your organizations wireless security policy will give you the resources to properly secure your wireless infrastructure.


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