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Our technology will standardize and simplify all of your recurring IT management tasks. From patch deployment management, proactive maintenance, and power management, ITG’s Managed Service platform includes all the features you need. Manage settings at a system and group level with user-defined profiles and policies that control automation, monitoring, updates and more.

ITG’s Managed Services offers a complete patch management process. Identify specific platforms, applications and their versions while customizing patch deployment allowing  business critical systems and services to be patched independently. 

ITG will know about your IT issues before your employees and/or customers do. ITG’s monitoring filters automatically select relevant targets with the easy to use wizard driven monitor policies. Quickly set up a complete approach to monitor all aspects of even the most complex IT environment. Out of the box monitoring includes disk monitoring, system offline, event log, services, applications, security, backup and SNMP.

ITG customers will be provided with automatic service reports that will demonstrate the value of managed services which outline all inventory, warranty, access, event log, productivity, critical update status and return on investment.  

ITG’s Managed Service platform provides the tools that your business needs proactively manage your IT infrastructure that will ultimately result in increased productivity and increased returns on investment. ITG’s Managed Service platform automates and customizes its services to your business and IT needs. We have all the features needed to implement an effective and efficient Managed Services platform. ITG’s Managed Services uses a network discovery process that has the ability to capture all hardware, software and license information. These services will also track system changes on a daily basis.

In order to increase productivity and reduce downtime ITG’s Remote Control application provides users with the option to request instant access support. Upon request from users and ITG technician can communicate and troubleshoot an issue while a device is in use. 

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