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Be Prepared

Hardware Failure

Don't let hardware be a hinderance. With the proper backup plan and file storage platform, servers, PC's, laptops, and mobile device storage are protected.

In Case of Natural Disaster
Reduce downtime due to flood, fire, or other building related emergencies with offsite backups and system replication

Know Your Recovery Plan
During a crisis is not the time to decide a recovery route, be prepared ahead of time and reduce production loss

Don't let this happen to you. File loss is a thing of the past with the proper file storage system and disaster recovery plan.

Technical Support


Disaster Plan and recovery

Is your data safe?

Are you sure your backups are working properly and that you have proper retrieval established? Would your business survive a fire, flood, devastating ice-storm, or even a simple server hardware failure? ITG will make sure you can confidently answer YES to these questions.

With ITG’s Redundant Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions you can have secure enterprise-class business continuity without the enterprise-class price.


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