We offer Corporate Network Support, Network Design, Network Implementation, Router/FirewallVirtual Environments, Computer Technical Support, Computer/Network Sales, Managed IT Services, and Remote Support services. We offer support maintenance contracts and are available for offsite assistance with our secure remote support interface. 

Managed Services
Managed services keep your network, server, computers and devices performing at their best. These services provide live monitoring and alerts helping to prevent unexpected downtime due to routine maintenance items. With the proper agents installed on your network, security and maintenance are delivered seamlessly - security patches, software updates, firmware maintenance, and hardware alerts keep your equipment running at their best. 
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Computer and Network Equipment Sales

We are a reseller of all major computer and network equipment vendors - Dell, HP, Lenovo, SonicWall, Cisco, etc. Contact us for a competitive quote and hardware recommendation today! 

Corporate Network Support


General: 518-479-3881

Support: 518-805-1444

Infrastructure Design

Our professionals have the expertise and tools to help you plan, install, optimize and manage the complex network infrastructure that enables your critical business applications. We offer network consulting — vision, strategy, assessment, and conceptual design — to help you create a flexible and high performance end-to-end network infrastructure that provides a competitive advantage and expands opportunities for your business.


ITG offers services for every phase of your implementation from procurement to post-installation testing. Whether you are in need of a complete security solution or merely assistance during a few phases of the process, our consultants have the experience to meet your security needs. Your security infrastructure is the key to protecting your company’s network from unwanted access. We follow a standard process of formal analysis, documentation, and supplemental recommendations. We create a baseline of your company’s current network, and outline the desired results. This analysis of the current and future models serves as the roadmap for the complete solution. With this, we have the stability and flexibility to work with companies of all sizes – from small businesses in need of a starting platform to organizations expanding beyond their current technology.

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