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Managed services keep your network, server, computers and devices performing at their best. These services provide live monitoring and alerts helping to prevent unexpected downtime due to routine maintenance items. With the proper agents installed on your network, security and maintenance are delivered seamlessly - security patches, software updates, firmware maintenance, and hardware alerts keep your equipment running at their best. 

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ITG’s File Sync and Sharing service is an elevated state of the art remote file sharing solution for business. We know that businesses need a remote and mobile file access solution to ensure success and productivity. ITG’s File Sync and Sharing solution  provides a business with secure remote access to files for data management from any location, using any device. While other cloud based file sharing and storage solutions lack the necessary security to transfer and store files remotely, ITG’s file sync and sharing is a HIPPA-compliant, secure solution that also provides a six month data retention plan for our customers.

We keep communications flowing with high availability hosted exchange, offsite email archiving, email encryption and Office 365. Whether your organization is still in need of upgrading to hosted email service, or is in need of a change from your current platform, we will assess the situation and make a recommendation that will suite your business needs. 

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File Sync and Sharing

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With so many cloud services offered these days it is important to select the services that suit the needs of your organization and budget. With ITG you have a dedicated team with the expertise required to navigate these options to find the exact fit. At ITG we take the time to understand your business goals and how your organization operates. We then build a platform of services that will provide the functions you need without the fluff you do not.